Spanish and English punctuation marks

Enjoy these posters featuring the Spanish and English punctuation marks. They are a great visual for students, specially to help with directionality with punctuation. 

Each poster is letter size and comes in a black with color dots background. Laminating is recommended for durability purposes.

Reading Comprehension Strategies-SPANISH

Set of 9 Reading Comprehension Strategies cards that will help your students interact with a text and monitor comprehension.  

Strategies included: 
- Predecir
- Resumir
- Ajustar la velocidad de mi lectura
- Visualizar
- Hacer conexiones: Texto a mi-Texto a texto-Texto al mundo
- Hacer preguntas
- Aclarar

I usually have two sets of this cards for my classroom. One set is posted in my Read Aloud area and the other is used for reference in my Guided Reading groups.  They are kid-friendly and help students make a quick reference when needing support with comprehension or simply to monitor their understanding of the text. 

Hope you find them useful in your classroom. You can download your copy here.

Happy teaching!

What do you know about goats??? Fact and opinion Freebie

There is an old saying in my home country that goes: "Crazier than a goat", way to funny, but after reading "Goats Are Great" by  Alyse Sweeney from Reading A-Z we learned that goats are way far from crazy!!! I could have not imagined that these animals were so sweet and curious, and I bet my students did not think so either!
It is a very interesting reading about pros and cons of goats as pets, a perfect and suitable text for a fact and opinion lesson.

After reading the book we reviewed our Fact and Opinion anchor chart to find any cues that would help us sort the information from the book.

Then, we worked on this cut and paste sorting activity about facts and opinions about goats.

Although it might seem a smooth concept to work on, some of my students struggled trying to distinguish the author's opinion about goats from the facts.   Understanding that statements such as how easy or hard taking care of a goat could be, or how soft its fur can be to the touch relies solely on a person's view rather than a fact supported by science or data was a bumpy road for some of my kiddos but after some more practice ad a couple of books they got there!

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this quick sort about goats. Happy Teaching!!!!

Informative writing

We are just finishing our informative writing unit and it is amazing how easily my students are going through non-fiction books and finding facts and ideas. They just love it!!  But, it was not like that from the beginning :(  It has been a long way since introducing the word "fact" and have them make sense of what it really meant.

I used this graphic organizer since the very first time we started reading informative texts, and it helped my kiddos a ton! After the first couple of weeks they were masters of facts and main ideas!

After a while we started using it for their research projects, so they could outline their ideas and then put them together in their reports. 

I thought it would be helpful to share it, with so many of us trying to hit those Writing standards!!

It includes an English and a Spanish version. Hope you find it useful!!!

Literacy Centers Posters

You will love these cute posters to label your literacy centers. This set includes signs for your ABC, Phonics, Puzzles, Math, Art, Science, Computers, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Listening centers. Set of 11 posters in pdf format and letter sized.

Cooperative Learning Group Roles in Problem Solving

I have been using cooperative learning strategies in my classroom to keep my students engaged and accountable in their own learning process. These posters have helped me a lot when letting my students know what their roles and responsibilities are when it comes to problem solving steps and strategies.

I usually assign each child a number from 1 to 5 and then use the posters to help them understand what their jobs are, next class, different assignment and so on.
Every student and every classroom is different so use them as you consider to fit your students' needs.
Hope you find them useful, happy teaching!!!!!

I lost a tooth! for interactive boards

If you are a first grade teacher like me then you probably know that a chart for lost teeth can come in very handy :) This cute chart will help your class keep track of all tooth loses and will keep your students involved in data and graphing concepts. Just drag your tooth to the matching month.

Not sure if it will work on your interactive board? No worries!!! The I lost a tooth! chart is available for SMARTBOARD™, PROMETHEAN™, MIMIO™ and EASITEACH™.

Find your software version and click to download



Problem Solving Steps

I created these 4 posters to help my students with their problem solving strategies. They show four very easy to follow steps that work also as a checklist when working on word problems.

I also added a "mini-version" so every student can have their own checklist on their desks or any accessible place for them.  I usually put them by their name plates using clear adhesive tape or a piece of clear contact paper.

Happy teaching!!

Writing Process Poster

This is one of my students' favorite spots in the classroom, they just love moving their pins while they are working in their writing projects, and me? I love it too!!! It is a huge tool in terms of tracking students' work and progress. It also helps me seeing who is ready for conferencing or who is taking a little extra time in a stage.

I use my Spanish chart for my Spanish Immersion students, but I have it in an English version if you find it useful. 
Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy teaching :)

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