Monday, June 2, 2014

What do you know about goats??? Fact and Opinion Freebie

There is an old saying in my home country that goes: "Crazier than a goat", way to funny, but after reading "Goats Are Great" by  Alyse Sweeney from Reading A-Z we learned that goats are way far from crazy!!! I could have not imagined that these animals were so sweet and curious, and I bet my students did not think so either!
It is a very interesting reading about pros and cons of goats as pets, a perfect and suitable text for a fact and opinion lesson.

After reading the book we reviewed our Fact and Opinion anchor chart to find any cues that would help us sort the information from the book.

Then, we worked on this cut and paste sorting activity about facts and opinions about goats.

Although it might seem a smooth concept to work on, some of my students struggled trying to distinguish the author's opinion about goats from the facts.   Understanding that statements such as how easy or hard taking care of a goat could be, or how soft its fur can be to the touch relies solely on a person's view rather than a fact supported by science or data was a bumpy road for some of my kiddos but after some more practice ad a couple of books they got there!

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this quick sort about goats. Happy Teaching!!!!

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