Thursday, June 12, 2014

Procedural Writing- How to books (English and Spanish)

Summer days aren't long enough (although technically we have not got to Summer yet)!!! Having a brand new baby at home is harder than I remember, I can barely sit in front of my computer for a straight hour :( And this without taking into account my soon to be 2 year old, she by herself is a handful!!! God I love being a mom :)  Well, after sleepless hours I have finally finished my newest writing package.

For our procedural writing unit we basically focused on two parts, recipes and stuff we were experts on. I personally loved the recipes part, lots of eating and fun!!! We used all the recipes created in class to put together a class recipe book.

We also used lots of foldables to sequence the steps in the process, and practice using both transition words and ordinal numbers to describe the sequence.

After working very hard in our recipes, we took it to a more individual level. Each student decided on something they were experts on. So they talked about how to grow a plant, how to build a tree house, how to dig a hole (yes, he described a very thorough sequence), even how to read a book!!

I really enjoyed putting this package together. It has different templates to describe how to cook or make/build something, including transition words and ordinal numbers. I also included a tab book and different writing lines models. My school requires we use Handwriting Without Tears® but I know others use single lines or the primary writing paper with the dotted mid line.


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