Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Summer Bucket Lists

Kids had a blast trying to figure out their plans for the exciting Summer, not to mention the excitement to be just hours apart before the school bell rang for the last time this school year.

Here the top five activities my kiddos can't wait to do:

1.  The Beach!!!! (It is at the top of mi list too!!!!)
2.  Minecraft related activities and games (Seriously? These kids live and breath Minecraft!!)
3.  Visit Grandma and Grandpa
4.  Go hunting (Not my favorite one for sure)
5.  Go fishing

It was very fun to read all kinds of things and activities my students are planning to do, but not quite sure if their list will match their parents :) All in all it was a very fun activity and they did a very good job using future tense in their sentences, they nailed it!!! I couldn't be prouder of my soon to be second graders!!!


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