Thursday, January 23, 2014

Informative text: Insects

We have had so much fun talking about insects for the last couple of weeks, kids just love these creepy creatures!!!  We've also been learning about text features and informative texts, AKA, Common Core Standards RI.1.5 and W.1.2 ;p

It has been very interesting to see how kiddos have responded to this topic that all learning is just flowing :)  I couldn't be happier and prouder.

We started by reading Insectos by Amy White.

          Then, we created our insects are, have and can chart. 

We added some more information as we went through another couple of books. 

We also used the computer lab to create our insects diagrams, I couldn't believe how artistic some of my students were!

Next week we will start choosing research topics and books, I am so looking forward to see their own projects!!!


  1. Hi!
    Looks like a fun unit! I love the idea of the insect diagram on the computer. Did you use a specific site for this? Thanks for sharing :)
    -Maestra Ruíz

  2. Hi there Maestra Ruiz! It was a very fun unit indeed, my students would not stop talking about insects for a while!!! We used Paint to create the diagrams, then we printed them out and included them in their research booklets. Thanks for your comment :)