Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finally, Back to School!!!!!!!

It seems like yesterday when we were welcoming Summer so desperately and anxious. But what amazes me the most is how the same excitement is back this time to welcome a new school year. And all the ads and sale signs all over the place are of course fueling such excitement!!!!! Well, here it is one more sign that will surely help you get motivated for the upcoming year.

This Mega Bundle includes all of my Spanish Language Arts resources:

- Alphabet journal
- Classroom Alphabet Line
- Alphabet Mini-Cards Set
- Alphabet Flashcards

This is the perfect resource pack to launch the school year and save some money!!!

*Alphabet journal*
- Cover
- 66 Pages
- Uppercase and lowercase tracing guidelines.
- Syllables tracing guidelines.
- Word bank.
- Each letter has an extra page to add new words seen in class.
- Soft c, soft g, rr, and soft r have separate alphabet pages.
- Digraphs ch and ll also have separate alphabet pages.
- Black and White for easier and better quality mass copying.

* Classroom Alphabet Line*

- 33 (132 in all) alphabet cards to support Spanish instruction in your classroom.
- Letter size.
- Color and black and white sets.
- Students can easily use these alphabet cards as reference using a letter- related picture.
- Each card includes syllables formed with each individual letter.
- Includes two different sets, with or without guide lines for letter formation.
- 132 letter cards.

*Alphabet Mini-Cards Set*

- 33 alphabet mini cards to support Spanish instruction in your classroom.
- Perfect for literacy centers.
- 2.25” x 2.88”
- Students can easily use these alphabet cards as reference using a letter- related picture.
- Each card includes syllables formed with each individual letter.
- Includes three different sets: 
* Syllable cards
* Lowercase letter cards
* Uppercase letter cards
- Ready for two sided printing.
- 99 letter cards.

*Spanish Alphabet Flashcards*

- 33 alphabet flashcards to support Spanish instruction in your classroom.
- Digraphs ch and ll included.
- Color and black and white sets.
- Students can easily use these alphabet cards as reference using a letter- related picture.
- Each card includes syllables formed with each individual letter.
- Includes two different sets, with or without guide lines for letter formation.
- 132 letter cards.
Individual resources are also available at my TpT store :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Procedural Writing- How to books (English and Spanish)

Summer days aren't long enough (although technically we have not got to Summer yet)!!! Having a brand new baby at home is harder than I remember, I can barely sit in front of my computer for a straight hour :( And this without taking into account my soon to be 2 year old, she by herself is a handful!!! God I love being a mom :)  Well, after sleepless hours I have finally finished my newest writing package.

For our procedural writing unit we basically focused on two parts, recipes and stuff we were experts on. I personally loved the recipes part, lots of eating and fun!!! We used all the recipes created in class to put together a class recipe book.

We also used lots of foldables to sequence the steps in the process, and practice using both transition words and ordinal numbers to describe the sequence.

After working very hard in our recipes, we took it to a more individual level. Each student decided on something they were experts on. So they talked about how to grow a plant, how to build a tree house, how to dig a hole (yes, he described a very thorough sequence), even how to read a book!!

I really enjoyed putting this package together. It has different templates to describe how to cook or make/build something, including transition words and ordinal numbers. I also included a tab book and different writing lines models. My school requires we use Handwriting Without Tears® but I know others use single lines or the primary writing paper with the dotted mid line.


Monday, June 2, 2014

What do you know about goats??? Fact and Opinion Freebie

There is an old saying in my home country that goes: "Crazier than a goat", way to funny, but after reading "Goats Are Great" by  Alyse Sweeney from Reading A-Z we learned that goats are way far from crazy!!! I could have not imagined that these animals were so sweet and curious, and I bet my students did not think so either!
It is a very interesting reading about pros and cons of goats as pets, a perfect and suitable text for a fact and opinion lesson.

After reading the book we reviewed our Fact and Opinion anchor chart to find any cues that would help us sort the information from the book.

Then, we worked on this cut and paste sorting activity about facts and opinions about goats.

Although it might seem a smooth concept to work on, some of my students struggled trying to distinguish the author's opinion about goats from the facts.   Understanding that statements such as how easy or hard taking care of a goat could be, or how soft its fur can be to the touch relies solely on a person's view rather than a fact supported by science or data was a bumpy road for some of my kiddos but after some more practice ad a couple of books they got there!

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy this quick sort about goats. Happy Teaching!!!!

Our Summer Bucket Lists

Kids had a blast trying to figure out their plans for the exciting Summer, not to mention the excitement to be just hours apart before the school bell rang for the last time this school year.

Here the top five activities my kiddos can't wait to do:

1.  The Beach!!!! (It is at the top of mi list too!!!!)
2.  Minecraft related activities and games (Seriously? These kids live and breath Minecraft!!)
3.  Visit Grandma and Grandpa
4.  Go hunting (Not my favorite one for sure)
5.  Go fishing

It was very fun to read all kinds of things and activities my students are planning to do, but not quite sure if their list will match their parents :) All in all it was a very fun activity and they did a very good job using future tense in their sentences, they nailed it!!! I couldn't be prouder of my soon to be second graders!!!


Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Summer Bucket List

Summer is just around the corner and this is the perfect time to start thinking about all those fun activities we would love to do during this amazing time of the year. Today I am introducing "My Summer Bucket List" and "Mi lista de actividades de verano". A fun craftivity for the end of the year that your students will love!!

Have your students put the bucket together, add the cute shovel, and then have them draw and write their list of things to do over the summer. Staple all pages and add them to the bucket.
This package includes:

- Bucket template
- Shovel template
- Mini-booklet cover
- 7 mini-pages (Handwriting Without Tears® double lines)
- 7 mini-pages (Single lines)
- 7 mini pages (Primary lined paper- dotted mid line)

This package activity can be found in English or Spanish! 


Hope you find them useful! Happy Teaching!!! :)

Mrs. Cortes

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Las Palabras del Tesoro

"Las palabras del Tesoro"  is a fun game to reinforce reading of Spanish high frequency words with first graders. You only need a couple of dice, a dry erase marker and one of the 30 different boards included in the game.

One player rolls the dice, finds and reads the word in his opponent's board and marks it down, treasure caught!! A recording sheet is also included so students can write the words too.

It includes 60 boards (30 different boards in full color and 30 black and white boards)
Recording sheet.

Kindergarten, Second grade versions coming soon!!!

Stop by our shop and check it out!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Calendar Math- March

This Calendar Math presentation will help you reinforce your morning routine with different activities and skills. Suitable for grades K-3 and available in Spanish or English, this calendar will make the perfect companion for your daily routine.   All activities are kid friendly and have been designed with monthly themes.  This month our featured March Calendar includes beautiful St. Patrick's Day backgrounds and images.
Whether you have a Smartboard™, Promethean™, EASITEACH™ or MIMIO™ board, this calendar is a must have in your classroom :) My kiddos just love it and, and they have made an incredible progress in Math with this routine.

There are 12 slides that include:

  • Monthly Calendar for kiddos to fill in.
  • Daily weather and weather data chart. 
  • Interactive thermometer 
  • Number of the day, a chart for students to represent a number in five different ways.
  • Hundred chart to record 1 more and less, and 10 more and less. 
  • Place Value
  • Ten frames
  • Patterns, set a pattern unit and have your kiddos represent it with pictures, numbers and letters.
  • Analog and digital clocks with labels for each hand. 

Free updates for life included!! Every time the calendar is updated you will instantly receive an email letting you know of the new update and how to download it.

Available for PROMETHEAN/ ACTIVBOARD™, SMARTBOARD™, MIMIO™, and EASITEACH™. Click on your software to find your calendar :)



Don't forget to check our bundles! When you buy a 12 month set you get 12 calendars for the price of 10!!!